Step by Step version # 2794...

Step by Step version # 2794...

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Now that The World Knows- I wont Be Voted Into Any Public Office!!

This early morning the above tittle phrase came to me. I said it to myself with a sort of ironic laugh- because it is sad and true at the same time. This is one of the many reasons I am doing this. What have I got to loose. I do not hold office anywhere, or am in a position of authority, I do not have a job to loose etc. This is a sad statement as there are many people out there with D.I.D. who are very capable, responsible upstanding citizens with full time jobs, that, because of the myths, misconceptions and misunderstanding and fear of mental illness/conditions  in general, will very likely loose their jobs once the fellow workers or bosses find out. It does not matter that this would be a legal matter. Look at the hysteria that happens when this subject gets into the media, for the most part its sensationalized and arguments erupt - especially on line and people will verbally attack the person who discloses their condition. Seeing this happen, why the hell would they risk their job and livelihood.

Last year I was taking a creative writing class up at the local college. The instructor was talking about writing from different perspectives,and asking the class  how does one get into the head of their character, to get to know who they really are. One of the young people in class said..." well if you start to get into different persona's then you become a multiple and then go psychotic and go nuts"..the instructor knew I had D.I.D., he looked over at me and all I did was look at him and shrug my shoulders. I was not about to get into it, I have learned to pick my battles and choose my "educational moments". Now that I look back I would like to have asked this young man where he got his information from. This , I realize is a very minor incident and nothing like what it can be like, and other people have experienced. I have been very fortunate to have knowledgeable, caring professionals who have helped and continue to help me on my healing journey. As well as a supportive husband, son and friends.

So- will I ever be voted into public office- no, but that's OK, I don't want to. Do I have a job to loose, no. Is having D.I.D. a secret I have- no, the majority of people who know me already know this and accept me for who I am and understand that I have this condition , but they also understand  it is not who I am, anymore then someone who has diabetics is their disease.

So, now you know one of the reasons I am doing this. To those out there who have D.I.D. and are unable to disclose, I send you compassion. To those out there who would attack those who have this condition I also send you loving compassion.

Those are my thoughts for today.
Cheers and be well and you will not see me.." Coming soon to a public office near you!"


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