Im Going Outward Bound Once Again- Well, Sort of

Im Going Outward Bound Once Again- Well, Sort of

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program…

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program…

Its days like this that I feel that I should have a sign with the flowing message on it….

“We interrupt this regularly schedules program to announce that Suzy’s brain has gone into conference. This work takes the majority of available resources and for that reason most, if not all of Suzy’s extracurricular activities will be put on hold until further notice. Along with this, her ability to read, write and socialize is much diminished.

Well it may look like Suzy does not do much during these conferences; she is extremely busy rewiring her brain and processes some events from the past. She will be very tired and sleep and rest a lot, and not be her normal chipper and happy self.

 She will get discombobulated, mix up her days and basic things such as holding a conversation will be difficult for her. Please do not take this personally. This has nothing to do with “you”, it is about Suzy and what she needs to do to get better and have a healthier and happier future.

Suzy has been to many of these conferences before and will learn much and recover a piece of herself that was lost long ago. She will come away a much stronger, healthier, happier, whole person.

This conference will last 7-10 days and then the regularly scheduled program known as “Suzy’s Life” will be back.

Until then “Suzy is in conference.”

Cheers and be well

Suzy’s Public Relations  manager.

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